Our History

Mission & History
Spence Management Group is an education management company that provides advocacy, support, resources and networking opportunities to new and existing Charter Schools.  
Our mission is to provide a seamless system of support that promotes the establishment and operation to become a High Quality Florida Charter School.
Our Services include:
  • Modular Classrooms
  • Charter School Management Services
  • Consulting Services
**We are your Independent Schools Solution**
Meet our Team:
Frederick D. Spence, Sr.   
Armando Viota         
CEO & Head of Schools
Patrick Spence     
Finance & Human Resources
Yomara Oliveras
Marketing Director   
Liz Contreras
CEO's Assistance
                      Team Success A School                                     South Central                  
                           of Excellence                                                       Florida College                

                           Mrs. Nicole Howe                                                 Kelly Monod                    

                           (941)714-7260                                                    (941)752-5494